Saturday, 14 June 2014


I think because of my absence of the lubrication of alchol i'm able to see peoples bullshit, a lor of people are cunts plain and simple, they are sheep appealing to the masses.

No i'm not taking the high road because i abstain from alchol i just thinks it's interesting to see peoples maks come off and their shit shining through.

Fuck knows what i'm writing.


So i'm not the only one saying or doing this, there is a vast amount of people ditching their smartphones and unplugging their pc's, theyre doing it for a month, some crazy bastards are ditching their smartphones completely and replacing with a dumb phone.

I'm not advocating anything as severe but simply a two week stint internet free, now this doesnt mean you can't use the internet if you need to as part of your job, i need to access internal mail etc but i don't need to see my Facebook status, so this isnt an excuse to skive off from work.

You may want to purchase a dumb phone to use for calls and texts if you simply cant disable your wifi/data connection or if you feel that the ease to toggle these settings back on is too much temptation.

I'm thinking my Netflix has to go for two weeks as well as its an internet based service, hide your ethernet cable as well for two weeks..

You may be asking what the hell is the point to all of this and its a simple one, without the distraction of stroking our electronic pets we may have more time for other cool shit in our life that we don't have time to do, read a book, write a book, make love more,play with the kids,do some diy whatever.

For me i complain at having no time to finish my Bachman books but i have a 30 minute break at work that is filled by Netflix, whilst Sons of Anarchy rocks and i want to finish it a little hiatus isnt the end of the world.

I have a childrens book idea that i want to persue as well.

So from 16th to the 29th of this month i'm unplugging from the matrix, join me if you want or don't,i don't really give a fuck either way, this is an expirement and a choice your life is your own.